UK VPS Jumbo Plan 4 GB

Subscription Starts from £39.95 every month

Looking for a VPS that simplifies betting placement? Look no further! For betting applications that consume substantial computing resources, the plan with ample CPU, RAM and SSD disk space is the ultimate solution.

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Additional information


4 Gbit

SSD Disk Space

50 GB

Number of virtual CPU


Monthly Traffic (bandwidth)


System Operating

Windows Server 2019 DC

Intel Core Processor 2.6 GHz

Network Connection

1 Gbit

MS Framework 3.5/4.0/4.5

Daily Backup

Dedicated IP


Antivirus Solution

Solution to stop bookmakers spying you



Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader

Adobe Flash Player

Google Chrome

5 Software Included

GH Best Time, Green Up Tool, Profit Simulator, Gold Roulette and DC+ (Dutch Tool coming soon).

1 spreadsheet application included

WPS Office (free version)

Betting Software Installation

We provide free installation of betting software on your UK VPS. Simply specify which software you need during checkout (Additional information), and we'll take care of everything. Please note that you must have a valid license for the software you want us to install on the VPS. With our service, you can easily start using your betting software and placing bets without worrying about technical setup.